Friday, August 13, 2010

I like my coffee like I like my favre. retired

Well, Brett Favre may play for the rest of his life, then freeze himself, then play some more. But San Francisco's no. 2 RB Glen Coffee is, according to the San Fran Chronicle, one and done.
The second year back out of Alabama who has been notably absent from training camp is said to be hanging up his cleats.

So, Um. Don't draft Glen Coffee I guess. He was officially 2nd on the depth chart behind Frank Gore and ahead of Mike Robinson.


David I said...

"I like my coffee like I like my favre. retired"?? Really? So you would like it if the QB who last year had the 2nd highest QB rating retired? Tied for 2nd most TDs. Tied for 2nd with the fewest INTs. 3rd highest completion %age. 9th most passing yds.

Yeah I hear ya. A guy like that shouldn't even be playing the game.

If this is how you evaluate talent, I'd love to be in your league. lmao

The Owners said...

favre's a wild card. do you want to draft a qb who may not show up until week 4? So then, where do you draft him? Will he wait til 9 when you've already got a non-holdout lined up? He was great last year, just too many questions.