Saturday, August 21, 2010

Countdown to Draftmas

When you were a kid there were one or two days a year that stood above all the others. Your birthday and Christmas. You would count them down for weeks such was the promise of those days. Family, friends, presents, candy, cakes, fun. They were magical times.

I still love Christmas, though mostly I enjoy it through the eyes of my kids. My birthday means a new shirt and maybe the day off work if I'm being nice to myself. These days the day of the year that fills me with nervous energy is Draft Day. Or as I like to call it, Draftmas. And here I find myself a week away from another magical Draftmas.
Who will I get first? Gore? Wayne? Who will be my QB? My tight end?
Draftmas is a day filled with hope and promise. It's a day to flex your football knowledge and assemble a team (or teams) that will fill your weekends with excitement and tension for the next 4 months. If you've done it well, you can spend your offseason telling your buddies how brilliant you are. If things didn't work out, you can spend your time plotting a new strategy. But either way Draftmas only comes around once a year, and for me that time is a mere week away. I can't wait.
-Eric Edwards


J said...

Draftmas... I like it. Fortunately for me, Draftmas is only 4 days away in my most important league - i.e. the one that costs to get in and pays money for winning. (I'm in another one on ESPN but since it costs nothing and pays nothing, I'm not nearly as jacked up for that one, which drafts tonight.)

I'm ready for the big draft on Sunday afternoon and the chance to tell my dear friends how dumb I think they are. GET SOME!!!!

Brett Klassen said...

So true.
Draftmas, I like that.
Nice blog.