Friday, August 13, 2010

Al Davis hearts Jason Campbell.

Raiders owner Al Davis said he sees signs of Jim Plunkett in his newly acquired QB Jason Campbell. He also said this year's Raiders remind him of the 1980 team that won the Super Bowl. Naturally he's a crazy man prone to the rants and raves of someone with too much money and power and not enough time. But he also publicly (and painfully) called Lane Kiffin out as a jackanapes long before the Kelley Blue Book on Kiffin was in. Now it's so fashionable to loathe Kiffin that he's almost backlashing into lovable scamp (unless you're a Tennessee fan in which case you still think he needs to be peeled like a banana and dipped into a flaming Porta-Jontm ). All of this to say that Davis is not 100% wrong 100% of the time. And he's been so wrong about so much in the last few years you've got to believe he's due.
Why do I say that? Last night Campbell was just unloading downfield in the direction of one Louis Murphy. Now, I don't think Murphy actually reeled in any of those balls, so there's that. But they were trying pretty hard to hook up and if that trend persists, then Campbell might actually make a functional late-round backup. And Murphy might emerge as a sleeper to be used as trade bait if he ever nails down a big game.
The current thinking on the Raiders seems to be, take the runners leave the rest, except maybe Heyward-Bey. But the looks Campbell was giving Murphy make me think that maybe bey isn't the receiver to have from Oakland.
-Eric Edwards


Anonymous said...

Zach Miller is the sleeper on the Oakland offense. Best target they have and almost always the hot route. Plus you can easily get him in the very late rounds after the elite TEs are gone.

The Owners said...

love miller. his sleeperiness will depend on whether TEs are optional in your league.